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Vow Card 


Our Complimentary Vow Card Session

而我们清楚知道 在踏入下一个阶段时
这重大的决定 是两人拥有共同意识下才向对方做的的承诺
既然如此 为何我们不提供新人这份仪式感呢?

可以是誓言 但我们更鼓励的
是那一些你们鲜少说出口的话 也是心底最想和对方分享的话

这份不单是一份仪式感 而是你们彼此的moment

Do Everything In Love 
愿你们在爱中成长 喜乐平安地度过每一天的婚姻生活 ❤️


In a traditional Chinese wedding, there is usually no exchange of vows.

However, we understand that as you embark on the next chapter of your life,

this significant decision is a commitment made with mutual understanding.

So why not provide you with this sense of ceremony?


When you book our 2-hour package, we will offer you and your partner a special moment for exchanging heartfelt words.

It can be vows, but what we encourage even more are those words you rarely express and are the ones you most want to share with each other.


This isn't just about creating a sense of ceremony; it's your unique moment—a moment where we will witness the tears of joy,

the determined gazes, the uncontrollable laughter.

We will capture this fleeting moment through our lens and permanently preserve it for you.


Do Everything In Love.

May you grow in love and experience joy, peace,

and happiness in every day of your married life ❤️ 

​Nickk & Peggy
Vincent & Aijia
William & Kar Yee
Siew Fai & Shi Jin